29 January 2020

Soal UAS B.Inggris Kelas 9

1.  What is the purpose of the sign above?
a.  To invite someone to come                                c.  To prevent someone to enter
b.  To arrest someone violating                               d.  To make someone trespass

2.  What will happen if there are people trespassing there?
a.  They will be short at will                                    c.  They will be violated
b.  They will be arrested                                          d.  They will be put in jail

When program includes a “15” film,
No person under fifteen years can be admitted
3.    The above Notice mean …
a.  This program consist of 15 film                                                             
b.  Anyone over 15 can see this film
c.  The program last about 15 minutes                 
d.  The program was made for people under 15 years old

4.    Where can you find this kind of Notice?
a.  at the harbor                                                        c.  at the skate park
b.  at  the hospital                                                     d.  at the movie theater

To : Miyadah
Congratulations, you have bought a bigger house, which you’ve always dreamt about. I hope you will feel more comfortable.
Don’t forget to invite me to your house –warming party.

5.    Why did Miyadah buy a bigger house?
a.  She wanted to invite all herfriends                     c.  She always wanted to have a bigger house
b.  She wants to feel more relaxed                          d.  She dreamt to invite his friends to party

6.    “ Ihope  you will feel more comfortable “.
The underlined word can be replaced by….
a.  think                           b.  say                              c.  wish                            d.  spend

Read the advertisement and answer question 7 and 8!

Experience our brand new peaceful ambience decoration in luxurious band comfortable hotel room for affordable price Reservation Telephone              : ( 0234) 611 850 Fax                         : ( 0234 ) 339 387 Address                  : Plaza Ghani Timur, JlnSumuradem 78-79  SukraIndrmayu
7.    What is being advertised in the advertisement above?

a.  Hotel                           b.  House                         c.  Decoration                  d.  Restaurant

8.    Where would the above advertisement possibly posted?
a.  Police station                                                      c.  Restaurant
b.  Recreation Object                                               d.  Prison

Read the advertisement and answer question 9 and 10!

Young Red Cross Association of SMP N 1 Patrol – Indramayu
To : All members
I order to celebrate our Independent day, We are going to go camping at Ciremai Mountain. Camping site from 14 to 16 December 2015
        The contribution is Rp.60.000.Those who want to join the activity please contact Mr. Daniel or Mr. Ginanjar.
         Registration will be opened starting from 5th December 2015
         For further information, please contact the committee.
                                                            Chair person
9.    Whom should you meet to register for the program?
a.  The Chair person                                                 c.  Mr. Daniel or Ginanjar
b.  The committee                                                    d.  Aswati

10. The camping will start on….
a.  5 December 2015                                                c.  15 December 2015
b.  14 December 2015                                              d.  16 December 2016

Dear Miyadah
Don’t forget to pick up your order at Wendy’s At 5.00 p.m.
I’m going to get back home late
Thank you dear.

11. Why can’t Miyadah’s mother pick up the order?
a.  She is not interested to do so                           
b.  She is busy in with yoga class                         
c.  She won’t come home until night
d.  Her boss won’t allow her to

12.  What is Miyadah supposed to do after reading the message?
a.  Obey her mother and take the order on time   
b.  Ignore her mother                                           
c.  Remove the message
d.  Order another food

Read the text and answer questions 13 to 14

                                               Rujak Buah

Ingredients :
    1 cucumber, peeled
    ¼ cup brown sugar
    1 mango, peeled and cubed
    3 tablespoons peanuts, fried
    1 papaya, cut ½ inch cubes
    1 hot chili peppers, seeded and sliced
    1 apple tart, cut into ½ in cube
    1 tablespoon tamarind , dissolved in ¼ cup water and strained
     pineapple, cut into ½ inch cubes ( could use fresh or canned        pineapple )
S Mix all the fruit together
SGrind chilies and salt
SAdd brown sugar
SAdd fried roasted peanuts and grind completely
S pour some tamarind liquid
SMix the sauce and fruits together
Sserve chilled

13. What should you do with the peanut before you grind them?

el them                                                            c.  pour the tamarind
b.  Roast them                                                          d.  add brown sugar on them

14. What is the purpose of the procedure text above?
a.  To inform about the deliciousness of  RujakBuah
b.  To show easy it is to taste RujakBuah
c.  To show the steps in making Rujakbuah         
d.  To inform the material used to make Rujakbuah

15. What should be mixed with the fruit?
a.  The sauce                                                            c.  The tamarind
b.  The mango                                                          d.  The pineapple

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